People managers are essential, yet they have never had tools that truly help them.

Riverin is built by experienced managers who know what you need to succeed as a leader.

Be There for Your Team

Little things can make a big difference - checking in every day, offering regular encouragement, and being responsive when the team needs your input.

Riverin connects to the places where real work gets done (Gmail, Slack, and many more) and helps you stay on top of everything your team needs.

You’ll never let a question or request drop, and you can be sure everyone on the team feels supported.

Focus on Growth

Individuals are at their most effective when they know that their work matters and that they are getting better.

By looking at and surfacing the most important work that your team is doing in places like Google Docs and Github, Riverin ensures you are giving great feedback and having great 1:1’s.

For organizations large and small, in person and remote — our goal is to make your job as a manager easier, and improve the happiness and productivity of your team.

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